Brand Design


Tailor-made branding for Onlymax

OnlyMax is one of the best-known DJs and music producers from Marburg-Biedenkopf and specialises in hardstyle. Together we have developed an extremely versatile, unique and distinctive personal brand for him. In the future, we plan to continuously develop the design and create visual elements for his performances. Merchandise and single covers are also planned for upcoming projects. All branding is tailored specifically to Max and reflects his uniqueness and style.


Max Schweisshelm


Brand Design




organic and playful character

The logo "OnlyMax" is to serve as the starting point for a comprehensive concept. It should be flexible to integrate different colours, fonts, visual elements, stage designs, visuals, animations and merchandise without losing its distinctive character. Max wants a logo with organic and playful elements. One challenge was that the logo should be available in different colour variations, which goes against common branding strategies but adds to its uniqueness. Despite the variety of colours, it should always be immediately associated with Max and his music.

Concept Phase

insight into the concept phase

In the concept phase, we tried out various approaches and tested different colour combinations. To give clients a better insight into the process and my design decisions, I document it and integrate it into the presentation. This makes it possible to present the development and thinking behind the logo design in a transparent and comprehensible way.


Prepared for a wide range of requirements

In my example for merchandise, the versatility of branding is particularly clear. Consider the hoodie, for example: here, all colour combinations harmonise with each other, and a range from subtle, more discreet branding options to extremely eye-catching designs is possible. This shows how flexibly the logo and the entire brand concept can be used to meet different requirements and styles.

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