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Thomas Arnold

Branding for Thomas Arnold

Thomas is an expert in technical texts for industry, crafts and technology. When he came to me, he wanted his company's branding to stand out from the crowd and make it immediately clear that Thomas specializes in the technology industry. The technology industry was typically dominated by blue or gray color schemes, but we wanted to break out of that mold. The result is a highly distinctive branding concept that combines a technical and sleek logo with a bright orange accent color.


Thomas Arnold


Brand Design



The Logo

Technical drawings served as inspiration for the logo. The angular corners are reminiscent of cutting edges and give the logo a certain three-dimensionality. Slightly rounded corners also ensure a modern appearance without making it look old-fashioned. To create a link to Thomas and his work as a copywriter, we have integrated the Enter key of the keyboard into the "A". This also creates an implied exclamation mark, which perfectly complements the overall composition.

Webiste Screendesign

The screen design of the website also reflects these principles. The color orange is used as an accent color and complemented by the black background, which conveys high value and quality. A clear hierarchy, harmonious images and an unmistakable design language complete the overall picture.

Apperal and merchandise

Eye-catching promotional products such as carrier bags or T-shirts in the corporate design complete the concept in an impressive way. They not only offer practical uses, but also serve as mobile advertising media that effectively spread the brand. The joy of presenting your new brand is further enhanced by these high-quality products. Their versatility underlines the consistency and thoughtfulness of the entire concept. It clearly shows that every aspect of the brand, from the logo to the advertising materials, fits together seamlessly and creates a coherent overall picture.

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