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Sälzer | Part of Schüco

Great collaboration

Some current projects for the company Sälzer | Part of Schüco. In our collaboration, we created flyers and roll-ups for various events. We also designed the team outfit for the traditional dragon boat race in Marburg and the official sign for the impressive new building at the company headquarters. For legal reasons, personal images have been made unrecognisable.


Sälzer | Part of Schüco


Print, Out of Home, Event




Print media for regional events

We developed print media for regional events, including this informative flyer about training at Sälzer. Our aim was to provide a comprehensive resource that gives interested people all the information they need. The flyer is not only intended to inform, but also to encourage people to explore the many opportunities and career paths that Sälzer offers in the area of apprenticeships.

T-Shirts & Caps

Team clothing for Sälzer

For the traditional dragon boat race in Marburg 2023, we worked together on the design of the team clothing. Our goal was to strengthen the team feeling through cool clothing and to emphasise the team's identity in the competition. The T-shirts and caps were designed especially for this event.

Building Sign

Sign for the impressive new building in Marburg

Together we developed the design of the impressive construction sign for the new building at Sälzer's headquarters. This sign not only serves as a guide to the exciting construction project, but also conveys the partnership and cooperation between all parties involved. We made sure that the sign is not only informative but also aesthetically pleasing to attract the attention and interest of passers-by and interested parties.

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