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Pascal Bäcker Coaching

Evolution in action

Take a look at the development of Pascal Bäcker Coaching's brand identity. Working closely together, we developed a comprehensive new brand design tailored to Pascal Bäcker's personal brand.


Pascal Bäcker Coaching


Brand Design, Website, Social Media




dynamism, progress and movement

The logo, a fusion of word and image, embodies dynamism, progress and movement. The interplay of "P" and "B" in italics represents forward motion, while the lettering "Pascal Bäcker" forms the solid base. In the center is the wordmark, followed by "Coaching" in a more subtle font weight that creates harmony. The addition of yellow as the corporate color gives the logo even more sportiness and dynamism. The flexibility of the logo allows the individual components to be used separately without losing their distinctiveness.


Contacting as simple as possible

The screen design for the new website embodies modernity, tidiness and sympathy - without any compromises. It was particularly important to us to ensure that interested parties could easily contact Pascal. For this reason, I integrated eye-catching call-to-action buttons to make contacting me as easy as possible.


Standing out from others

The brand new business card is representative of all the brand's communication tools. We place particular emphasis on the eye-catching corporate identity colour, which aims to immediately catch the eye and clearly stand out from the rest. This design language can be effortlessly extended to merchandising products, clothing and sporting goods to ensure a consistent and distinctive look.

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