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Reichel Dental


I carried out a comprehensive rebranding for the company Reichel Dental from Bad Laasphe. In our collaboration, we modernised the logo, developed new communication tools and created an innovative website with a virtual tour. In addition, I provided the team with all the necessary tools to continue the branding independently and effortlessly.


Reichel Dental GmbH


Brand Design, Website



Logo Design

team cohesion, security and precision

The new logo design reduces certain elements such as the tooth and the colour scheme to a purist representation. A square of four elements is used, which encloses the claim, the image and the word mark. This square symbolises team cohesion, security and precision in a figurative sense. Due to its minimalist and timeless representation, the logo can be effortlessly reproduced in different colour schemes as well as on different backgrounds and materials such as paper or textiles.


new modern, responsive website

As part of our collaboration with Reichel Dental, we not only redeveloped the branding, but also created a modern, responsive website. A special highlight is the virtual tour, which provides an interactive insight into the company. Go to

Business Cards

refreshing branding

As part of our collaboration, we also created brand new business cards for Reichel Dental. These business cards reflect the fresh branding and give a professional and memorable impression at every encounter. The reverse side was finished with a relief varnish.

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